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Nothing touches my paint except soap and water I mean it, nothing touches my paint except soap and water


That was me, before I knew better
That was me, back in 2007, hand-washing my baby. I might as well have been taking a belt sander to the poor thing. I had no idea how much damage I was doing. Clearwater Car Wash is my new best friend, and my car's, too. E.J., Lynnwood

When you hand wash your car,  abrasive particles are in the sponge or rag that you use. This causes small scratches in your cars finish that over time degrade your car's paint, harming its appearance. Our touchfree wash equipment reduces the wear and tear on your car's finish that is common with hand washing

We're happy to add our new Touch-free, clean and green cleaning system to the mix.

Our environmentally friendly, cleaning solutions will get your car sparkling clean. And our touchfree car wash equipment delivers the water pressure necessary to rinse away detergent film without touching its paint with a single brush or cloth pad.

A series of computerized robotic arches apply soft, warm, soapy water under controlled pressure. We are taking car washing to a new level.

Nothing is missed; the robotic arches move across and beside your car, covering every nook and cranny of the exterior, flushing dirt, salt, road chemicals and grime from bumpers, moldings, rocker panels and grille areas that can not be easily reached by hand or conventional car wash equipment.

Our powerful undercarriage wash blasts away out-of-sight caked on mud that rusts wheel wells and rots door seals. Your car comes out from the final clear water rinse with the protective spotless glow of a Touch-free shine.

A Clearwater Car Wash not only cares for your car, but it helps the environment as well. We are a clean and green facility that recycles all our water.



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