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Clean and green

Clearwater Car Wash recycles and reuses its wastewater. Many people don't realize that driveway and parking lot washing releases harsh chemicals, oil and grease into storm drains and groundwater which flow, untreated, directly into our waterways, polluting them and causing great harm to fish, wildlife and habitat.

We have an extensive water recycling system  that recycles 80% of our water that we use. In fact we use about as much water as 2 average households.

The first thing you notice on our site is a WATER TOWER that stores that water we recycle.

Our touch-free technology precisely measures each vehicle for optimum cleaning, and our two-step soap process eliminates dirt without any destructive "sanding" action of traditional washing.

Our high-quality waxes and sealants are essential to good car care, and they are followed by a"spot-free" water rinse and a blow dry as you leave - all in less than five minutes and starting at $8.


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