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Clearwater Car Wash owner Charlie Hiatt speaks:

I had a problem. Next to our house and our children, our cars were probably our biggest investment. Taking the best care of a car means washing it. Often. I won't wash my car at home, because I know all that soap and grime goes right down the storm sewer, into the creek, then the river, then the Sound. I won't wash my  manually any more than I'd take a shower using a sandblaster. 

As an engineer I solve problems for a living. When I started thinking about the car wash question, I started putting together the answers. I knew that touch-free car wash technology was out there, and I found the technology that blew my socks off.  I have worked on water projects in third world countries and I knew that wastewater recycling could be done, and done for real, not just meeting some goverment standard. 

A lot of the technology we needed didn't exist. So, we invented it. And now, we're showcasing it, in a car wash that's worthy of our environment, our values, our children, and our technological times.

I believe that community is as important a part of our environment as is our water, so when I started this business I wanted to make sure that we re-invested a lot back into the people around us. That's why we plan to give back to the community fundraisers and community events.

So, come down and spend five minutes seeing what years of research and development can do for you, your car, your community, and your environment. I don't think you'll be disappointed.


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